The Bloodstone Frontier 4-page Quick Start Rules and the Sheriff’s Office figures are now available!

The Quick Start Rules and first figures can now be purchased via the online shop.

All orders containing two or more figures will include a free copy of the Quick Start Rules and the Weapons & Abilities Reference Sheet.

Take advantage of Flat Rate shipping on all orders.


“We chose this place for its location. High on a bluff, edged by a cooling river as clear as blown glass, and touched by rich deposits of amber. We could see for miles around us and the sweep of the natural routes up to our new settlement made the whole area as defensible as the strongest fort. We had found our Nirvana. A place to call home, and mean it. Little did we realise that the abundant riches of our new land – the very reason we chose to settle here – would soon become the biggest reason for bloody confrontation.”

Bloodstone Frontier is the first game designed and produced by Soulspryte Studios.

Set on a pioneer-punk world where technologically-progressive thinking is hamstrung by the limited resources available, Bloodstone Frontier is a skirmish game that requires nothing more than two gangs, a deck of cards and a 2′ x 2′ area on which to play.

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